BARBARA I GONGINI is a Nordic brand established in the field of international luxury Avant-Garde fashion design. The company was founded in 2005 as a privately owned company. In year 2010, BARBARA I GONGINI was converted into a stockholder company. The BARBARA I GONGINI brand is represented in over 120 concept boutiques distributed along 20 markets worldwide.


Barbara í Gongini was born in the Faroe Islands and graduated in 1996 from Denmark´s School of Design at the Institute of Unica Design. Barbara í Gongini is an advocate for sustainable design and has thus received a special recognition in the Denim Challenge hosted the world´s largest global event on sustainable fashion; Copenhagen Fashion Summit, 2014.

Next to this, Barbara í Gongini, is an active participant in the Nordic art discourse, working interdisciplinary in close collaboration with various artists in film, music and photography. This  indirectly sets an reflective tone for her creative process. In turn, her work has been featured by artisans across borders in the spirit of her collaborative nature, in a myriad of different shapes with various purposes.


The core of the BARBARA I GONGINI brand DNA is centered on strength of individual and not on sex or sexual orientation, societal order or other normative pressures, but on playful imaginative tale of craftsmanship that breathes freedom of self-expression.

barbaraigongini_aw16The BARBARA I GONGINI collections present a different take on Nordic garments, derived from a conceptual approach towards fashion design. The specific construction process is aimed at crafting garments eloquently suitable for both men and women. Structural forms are challenged and experimental pattern-making shape a solemn backdrop for contemporary tailoring.

The design process is comprised of artistically responsible exercises with a particular focus on sustainability. BARBARA I GONGINI aims to contribute to local and global responsibility by pushing the boundaries of ethical fashion. The understated yet innovative collections are simplistic with subtle intricacies. A meticulous creative process can be doted as rather numerical, where design is based on continuous evolvement rather than sheer renewal and instant dismissal.

BARBARA I GONGINI embraces Nordic high-end craftsmanship irreverently. The MAN and WOMAN collections include strong geometric cuts and soft ovoid silhouettes, focusing on the versatility of traditional tailoring. Expression and championing the power of the individual are central in the conception of each garment. Wearers are encouraged to interact and close forms by selective personalization of the silhouettes.  BARBARA I GONGINI collections are aimed, with its timeless and minimalistic DNA and functionality, to a broad audience, regardless the sex, from the young to the everlasting age customer.