Bronx-Based Fashion Brand Developed By 19year Old Fashion Designer

19 Year Old “Edwin Reyes Erects A Bronx Based Fashion Brand .

The young fashion designer who assembled his insights and his visions all together to create something iconic as a result of his enthusiasm for fashion, now designs his way towards stardom.
Reports have it confirmed that it wasn’t too long ago that the 19yr old concludes to begin his journey as a fashionista.
He now have decided to implement exhibition of his own eponymous brand at his latest couture awareness shop on July 12 Charlie’s Bar and Kitchen
The young fashion enthusiast has now created his eponymous fashion brand “Fine by Edwin Reyes” last year, part of which offer women the ability look breathtaking and beautiful as they should, cause he digs more in the women fashion and tries his best to create something for the women in all functions, shapes and sizes to look beautiful,”I want women to know that if they feel they are in need, someone is there,” says Reyes. He uses “Women Of Colors” as his models, “Also I don’t look for size zero models with perfect skin that would be in a Victoria’s Secret Show. I want this to be by real people for real people,” Reyes added.
The young fashionista says his tedious working mother was the one who inspired him and that why he has decided to make use of his fashion gift  as a forum to propagate equality and also derogate obstinate opinions as well as dogmatism in society,  “My brand is more than a brand, I want to use it as a political icon,” Reyes said. “I want to represent equality and oppose bigotry with FINE,” he added
 Reyes yet prepares to bring up another event that will be benevolent to the ones who happens to be the victims of Hurricane Maria that happened in Puerto Rico. As a proud Puerto Rican descendant, Reyes looks to work on projects dedicated to those lost in Hurricane Maria.
“I would love to make a jacket in memory to those that suffered from Maria, jackets are something I particularly love to make and work with,” Reyes said.
 “I want my brand to represent things that are important to me,” Reyes said. “Women’s empowerment, Puerto Rico, and equality are all represented by FINE,” the designer added.
He  also shared on News 12 his optimism to design for celebrities in the likes of Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez.