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Today’s make-up
Let’s Glow
By Laide Sjumarken

The new trend in foundation is lightweight or “invisible” products that smooth out skin imperfections with light diffusing reflectors. These foundations help the skin to create an illusion of flawlessness. Fine lines and wrinkles seem to disappear, leaving a radiant, luminous, healthy and youthful looking skin. The discerning sophisticated woman knows that the heavier the foundation, the more emphasis is placed on facial lines. Make-up should not be used to hide the skin but to enhance the natural beauty of the face and draw attention to our best features. A natural looking glowing skin is much more attractive and flattering than a heavily made-up face. Applying heavy make-up coverage to the skin can actually make the user look older.

These “invisible” make-up bases are ideal for daytime usage, especially at the work place. They give a polished finish without making the user look overly made-up. In fact, many brands no longer use the word “foundation”, preferring to call their products “tints”, ”make-up bases”, “real skin” and “veils”. An excellent natural finish product that provides a wide spectrum of shades of brown for the woman of color is BECCA’s Luminous Skin Color. BECCA Cosmetics has the perfect yellow under-tone, which flatters most shades of brown skin. Unlike many other foundations that turn our skin ashy or give us an unnatural coat of red, BECCA foundations simply make our skin glow in a healthy youthful way.

Many cosmetic companies have introduced skin care ingredients into the foundation. Most foundations today not only contain deep color pigments but they also contain moisturizers, primers, illuminators, peptides, vitamin C and Vitamin E. A favorite of mine is Trish McEvoy’s Advanced Treatment Foundation SPF 15. This foundation is weightless on the skin. It contains pigments that optically diffuse the appearance of fine lines and imparts luminosity. On the treatment side, it has dual-action peptides, green tea, SPF and powerful antioxidants. NARS Firming foundation not only promises a flawless and radiant complexion, but also promises to minimize imperfections and improve skin’s resilience. It counts amongst its ingredients firming peptides and vitamin C.

In the US and the UK, the use of mineral foundations is growing. Mineral foundations are very lightweight and often contain skin treatment benefits and sun protection. They do not contain harmful parabens and preservatives. Mineral foundations will appeal to many of us who live in a hot and humid climate like Nigeria. One thin layer will give the finish of a tinted moisturizer. If more coverage is desired, one simply applies a little more. Application starts in the centre of the face, moving the brush in small circular motions. The more the user buffs the better the flawless finish. The most popular mineral foundation that has some colors suitable for brown skin is Bare Minerals foundation. Sadly, most of the mineral foundations in the market do not match our skin tone perfectly. But be on the look out for BECCA Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation. BECCA will introduce darker shades. The BECCA Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation is good for all ages and skin types, including those with sensitive or acne prone skin. It is infused with natural anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, C and E this Mineral Powder Foundation offers anti-ageing benefits plus it imparts a healthy, fresh, luminous and cake-free finish.

The full range of BECCA Cosmetics is now available in Nigeria at the Four Points Hotel Salon in Oniru, the Nail Place in Victoria Island and at 111 Dolphin Plaza, Ikoyi.

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