Are You Using The Right Conditioner for Your Hair Type?

HairAre You Using The Right Conditioner for Your Hair Type?

No two manes are created equal. Why treat them that way?

When it comes to seemingly simple task of taking a shower, there exists no shortage of decisions to be made, conditioner notwithstanding. For one, you’ve got to choose when it is you’re going to do the deed: are you going to follow the curve and soak your body in the morning, or are you going to eke out a few extra minutes of sleep by taking the plunge after dark? What are you going to soap up with? How are you going to dry off? The list goes on and on. Which is why we (almost) feel bad letting you know that there’s one more question you need to ask yourself: are you using the right conditioner for your particular mane?

You see, massaging in the right conditioner for your hair type can mean the difference between sporting a head of lust-worthy locks, and suffering a dreaded bad hair day. Just think: how could thick, curly hair require the same upkeep as a mop containing sparse, pin-straight strands? It couldn’t, plain and simple. And so, instead of getting overwhelmed by choices and grabbing the first condition that catches your eye, you need to consciously choose the lather that suits your hair type. Below, a few simple tips to help guide your hand.

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