Apple Watch 2: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

WatchesHere's Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Watch 2


First thing's first: It's coming soon!

If the tech media has read their tea leaves correctly, we're only a few short weeks away from meeting the next Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 2, the breathlessly awaited update to the original Apple Watch, will reportedly be announced during the Cupertino computer company's next Special Event, slated for early September (the 7th to be exact). Apple famously uses these livestreamed events to announce new products, software upgrades, and strategic partnerships, and all three of those things will probably figure heavily in the rollout of the Apple Watch 2.

Of course, until Tim Cook himself holds the new product up Mufasa-style for all the world to see, we won't know exactly what we're getting. So for now, we've parsed the Internet for what we might see in just a few weeks time.


Way, Way Better Software

OK, OK—this isn't a rumor so much as it is cold hard fact. In June, Apple announced plans to release a software update this fall. Called watchOS 3, the upgrade will include faster connectivity, new ways to respond to text messages and other alerts coming in from your phone, and even better ways to stay healthy. A new meditation app called Breathe, for example, will help users through guided breathing exercises and show how your heart rate changes after you've completed a five-minute cycle. Read more about watchOS 3 here.

Better Waterproofing

The Apple Watch is marketed as splash resistant, but most people who own one know better than to leave it on while washing the dishes. Still, a brave few (7 percent of Apple Watch owners according to Wearable) go swimming with theirs on, so there's a chance the Apple Watch 2 will be even more resistant to wetness.

Superior Speed

One of the complaints about the Apple Watch is that it can take forever to load an app (waiting for Break This Safe to activate in line at a coffee shop has on occasion been this writer's own personal purgatory), so the Apple Watch 2 will reportedly have a better processor. In April, The Wall Street Journal reported that the new watch would have speedier chips and LTE connectivity. That second rumor has been widely debunked, but lots of tech insiders are holding onto the processor rumor with a vice grip.


A Functioning GPS

People who track runs with the Apple Watch are agog over the rumored onboard GPS; essentially, it means that you'll be able to track location and distance without having to carry your phone with you on the road, trail, or track. The addition of a GPS would make getting out of the door that much easier, and it appears that this rumor is all but confirmed. Earlier this week, Nike announced that it would update its Nike+ Running app, and according to 9 to 5 Mac, the new version's change log says users will soon be able to leave their phones "at home and run free with Apple Watch."

A Whole New Model

Recently, the tech blogosphere has been inferring that the Apple Watch 2 will launch with a secondary, less expensive model that won't have as many advanced features, similar to what happened with the iPhone 5c when the iPhone 6 launched. It's a move that's served Apple well in the past, but whether it'll happen so early on in the Apple Watch's lifecycle remains to be seen.

Watch this space more updates on the Apple Watch 2.

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