The euphoria of DC fashion week is gone,we now look forward to the next one in february and two Nigerian designers stood out at the show and it was a first for them.Kenny Okorie of Keto Couture and the young Stephenie Okeke of Sally Intiego showed the crowed what Nigerians are made of.
Both designers gave it their best shot and it a good one.
Now Keto, fresh from her presentation of her collections in London at the association of spouses of African Ambassadors(ASAHCA) arrived OBAMA’S country with so much expectation and she delivered.

We will be bringing you images from  her awesome collection at the DC fashion week.However,i leave you with her collection at the (ASAHCA) in London where all proceeds at teh dinner goes to the commonwealth countries.It is an educational fund sponsoring commonwealth girls through secondary education.GO KETO GO ain’t no mountain high enough for this lady.

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