African Fashion Design Week (AFDW) 2017 Recap – Photos

The 6th edition of the African Fashion Design Week (AFDW) ended on Sunday with a lot of buzz and vibes which enables top African designers to showcase their clothing collections. The theme for AFDW 2017 is “Honour the Masters and Celebrate the New”.  As the theme implies, the aim of this fashion week was to celebrate and pay homage to both veteran renowned designers, as well as new designers who show promising potential.

The fashion week kicked-off on Friday, the October 13th and ended Sunday, the October 15th. Yesterday’s grand finale RunwayShowcase featured nine top African designers namely, Nato Designs (Kenya); Romeo Paul (Nigeria/USA); Sonia Jerry (Nigeria); Nna from Daba (Africa Style); Nallem Clothing (Ghana); Sunny Rose (Nigeria/Thailand); Rick Dusi (Nigeria); Lady Biba (Nigeria) and Agatha Moreno (Nigeria).

SEWAFW2017 – The Fashion Competition