Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2017 – what went down at National Arts Theatre

African Fashion Week Nigeria is believed to be a unique platform for designers who want to come into the spotlight but don’t have financial resources or even possibilities.
From the official website of AFWN, The description reads: “We provide a platform for designers who want expose but do not have great finances to do international shows. We have seen so many young people in Nigeria being able to lift themselves out of adverse situations and build sustainable livings for themselves and their families through fashion.and our main focus is on using fashion as an instrument of sustainability and of social change. We believe that for creativity to grow, there needs to be a platform that promotes and supports its growth. African Fashion Week Nigeria a social enterprise that provides a platform to help promote Nigerian brands through worldwide visibility and distribution and manufacturing. We focus on empowerment, creating jobs and supporting education and skills training in fashion.”
Africa is gradually being known as the next destination for fashion and Nigeria plays an important role in the contribution to the fashion industry. Over the past few years, several Africans and specifically Nigerians have proved to have what it takes to display high-end fashion on the global platform. In line with this, several platforms have been launched to portray fashion and few are making the necessary noise amongst which is the African Fashion Week Nigeria.
It started as Africa Fashion Week London (which is still existing), and then produced the African Fashion Week Nigeria. Nigerian (Oba Elegushi) commented that “fashion industry in Nigeria is capable of ending the period of economic recession”, and we believe this might just be true.
This year’s edition of African Fashion Week Nigeria was held on the 3rd of June, 2017 at the iconic National Arts Theatre supported by the authorities of Lagos State. We think this is about the best environment for a fashion show/exhibition.
African Fashion Week Nigeria in it’s 4th year, 3 previous years edition held at the Eko Hotel and Suites, and the change of environment for the event proved the next step in the African Heritage and Cultural Background on a global platform. By the way, the National Arts Theatre hosted the legendary African Festival of Arts and Culture approximately 40 years ago… if you’re not at the AFWN 2017, you might be left guessing at the view and feel of the fashion week. According to AFWN – Ronke Ademiluyi, “success was dramatic” with the “venue filled to the brim”. The event pulled together a large amount of fashion designers which made the fashion week almost inexhaustible with creativity from various gorgeous pieces so much it was said that the fashion capital of the world cannot boast of this creativity. The energetic, vigorous and the model that is known to not shrink when it comes to pushing the limits in terms of fashion – Amira Ibrahim-Alfa became the Africa Fashion Week Face of Nigeria. Her personal contribution to the fashion industry handpicked her for the face of AFWN 2017.
Pictures and Video from the fashion week below…


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