Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is an annual event involving two days of free fashion festivity, an extravagant fusion of African culture, fashion, style and music.  Celebrating London’s unique and diverse culture heritage, topped with flamboyant mixing of Western and African culture through fashion.
AFWL is an event for all, with hourly cat walks shows involving designers using African prints, textiles and fabrics from  most African countries. Its vision is for it to become the biggest multicultural fashion showcasing event in London. Your one stop shop for  all kinds of African labels. We are expecting numerous VIP guests from different African countries, with exhibitors from UK and Africa, top  international African fashion designers, emerging African designers and  non African designers who use a lot of African prints/patterns in their work. Furthermore, we will also be showcasing a lot of African models.

This year edition will showcase powerful collections from House of Jola and a few fashion designers from Focus Nigeria designers.
Also, Isis Models has been booked by most of the designers from Africa and London. This is because Africa FashionWeek will not settle for less as far as professionalism is concerned.
Fashion Network Africa and Yonwuren Media amongst other media outfit shall be there to cover the event.

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