A.P.C. and Outdoor Voices Are Here to Overhaul Your Gym Wardrobe

Look BooksA.P.C. and Outdoor Voices Are Here to Overhaul Your Gym Wardrobe

The brand Outdoor Voices caught our eye because it makes workout clothes for a guy who isn't in to flashy logos or eye-scorching neon colors. Think of it as sophisticated gear for the guy who just so happens to be going on a jog or trying to get swole. The brand's subdued take on athleisure caught the eye of APC creative director Jean Touitou, as it mirrors his brand's restrained take on French classics. ""I always wanted to do sports apparel, but I cannot do it by myself, because you cannot be good at everything," he told us earlier this year. "So why not find a company that’s good at it and has good taste?'

This season, the partnership has yielded classic shapes ranging from slim track pants and shorts, half-zip hooded anoraks, long-sleeve shirts, shorts, baseball caps and even a toss-your-sneakers-in-it tote bag, all in shades of charcoal, navy, and, for a little pizzazz, a khaki riff on camo. The whole thing is, naturally, perfect for hitting the treadmill, but could easily be worn around your millennial-packed neighborhood. Take a look at a few of our favorite shots from the look book, here, and shop the collection here.

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