A little insight into African Fashion

There has been a revolution in African fashion over the past three centuries, fashion has gone beyond having something to wear or a simple dress sense, the crave for grandeur has appealed the minds of Africans and designers have not failed to bring these clothe desires to fruition. In the past African fashion emphasized on decency and style in a simple and plain average manner, the materials were hand weaved and less elaborate in usage compared to the ones of today, the African fashion mechanism has shifted emphasis to fit the social circles and influential demands from magazines, internet and television.
Pop culture has also been a great influence in the new African fashion trend due to a huge driving force; the youths. Unlike in the past when fashion was pioneered by the middle aged and senior citizens, today unconventional designs are now being accepted in the mainstream societies as people try to keep in tune with the latest designs and fresh trends.
The rise in number of both designers and exquisite fabric manufacturers such as Vlisco, DaViva, etc. has helped transform the past African designs into one with more poise and glamor coupled with numerous fashion shows and exhibitions that promote the new designs.  With all this activities going on now, the African fashion industry has been headed into a new growth dimensions. Today the fashion and style of Africa has gone beyond the shores to many international boutiques and runways. It is fair to say that it is now the designer’s era, a time when designers drive the fashion machine that has enveloped the concept of dress making to appeal, with skinny models and well-designed dresses that takes the interest of everyone who would want to be noticed with the “Gloryposh” look.
There has never been a time like now when anything is possible, bags are now being made with African fabrics, and even the most unusual clothe items like necklace and cross belts have created using African fabrics with wonderful results.

If you find yourself looking for something to wear to work or a social gathering it would be great to explore an African design.
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