9 Major Women’s Fashion Turnoff for Men

Naturally, women are the most  conscious when it comes to fashion, but there are times when this gets right over the head. Here are 9 annoying fashion choices by women that turn men off.

  1. Excessive  Make-up: Most men find it quite hard to deal with women who are fond of over doing their makeup. They love women who apply makeup but not to the extreme.
  2. Wigs and Weaveons: A woman is more beautiful woman with her own hair, short or long. Not all men love women with fake hair especially when it is obviously fake.
  3. Fake Eye Lashes: Women with fake eye lashes turn men off on first contact, this they may not know. Young boys may love it for a season but it doesn’t last. It simply do not stand a chance with mature men.
  4. Dark Lipsticks: This might look somehow beautiful on some women but dark lipsticks also known as gothic lipsticks are mostly a  turn off for men.
  5. Longs Nails: Long nails are okay but not every man loves them. Most men hate women with fake long nails. Apart from being unhygienic, they are not appealing, that’s why sites as are perfect for women looking for a good nail saloon to fix this . They look satanic. Funniest part is when a woman with a long nail fix is trying to operate her mobile phone, she struggles through it and it makes it even more annoying.
  6. Boyfriend Jeans: No man would really want a woman who ‘steals’ his clothes. Women who wear boyfriend jeans look amazing but not to most men.
  7. Over-sized Sunglasses: This to some women looks sexy and intelligent, but the fact is it makes them look more like a nerd. Simple-frame clear eye glasses are just the best fit for every woman.
  8. Transparent Leggings: Transparent leggings are mostly associated with indecent women, yes you read that right, indecent women. With that said, most men hate women who rock them.
  9. Strong Perfumes: No man wants to be near a woman who chokes him with the heavy smell of her perfume.

Overall, every man needs a woman who can be as natural as possible in her appearances. A little enhancement here or there is okay for a woman, but when it becomes too much and gets to an excessive use, it becomes a turn off.

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