7 Guys Who Broke the Black Tie Rules at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Celebrity7 Guys Who Broke the Black Tie Rules at the 2016 Emmy Awards


Let these style rebels show you how not to look like everyone else in the room.

One of the reasons award shows are sartorial snooze fests is that every guy in attendance has the option to phone it in, put on a standard-issue tuxedo, and still look like a million bucks—and most of them do. But some guys take the extra steps necessary not to look like every other monkey-suited man on the red carpet, and while the risk is high, so is the reward. Herein, the guys who took a non-traditional approach to the black tie rules—and looked like they were actually having fun—at the Emmys last night.

Caleb McLaughlin


Hands down, the best-dressed male human on the red carpet at the Emmys on Sunday was Caleb McLaughlin (center), who you may know as Lucas from Stranger Things. The young actor wore a custom tuxedo by Eaden Myles whose navy blue jacket is decorated in a stylized rose motif. If personal style is all about individuality, this kid's got it in spades.

Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson


Here's to another two guys who went the custom route: Justin Mikita (left) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson could have worn black tuxedos, but they instead asked Isaia to make them both tuxedos in colors not often seen in formalwear. It's a clever way to do formalwear without looking like everyone else.

Trevor Jackson


Singer Trevor Jackson also went for a non-traditional color for the tuxedo he wore, designed by Anthony Franco. But he also picked a wholly unexpected material: velvet. The choice added a texture to the red carpet that we didn't really see anywhere else.

Ryan Murphy


There's no shortage of designers making stand-out tuxedo jackets, but Ryan was one of a handful of guys on the red carpet who took advantage of their work.

Terrence Howard


Same goes for Terrence Howard, who wore a plaid tuxedo jacket from Isaia at the event—and looked a lot more interesting than most guys there.

Reggie Watts


The comedian wasn't nominated for anything on Sunday night, but he still managed to win GQ's "You Do You" award for wearing a bold blue tux with a leather lapel, and a bow-tie and pocket square in hot pink.

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