Why is the blazer such a trusted friend?

The blazer has always been a power-player, both literally and figuratively. A somewhat masculine element that brings the ever-so-average jeans and a white tee, elevating you to chic and ready-for-the-day. After a dramatic drop in the unbearably hot weather (I am British it is my right to comment on the weather) the Emirates Woman team are looking for reasons to relish in the A/W18 key-season pieces.It is the marriage of androgyny and elegance, the perfect relationship. So instead of heading to brunch in a day-dress and heels, liberate yourself, ditch the heels for a clean white trainer, pop on a silky trouser, white-tee and put a blazer over it (Hint: the key is to play with different textures) then if you are brave enough, wear a bold lip. This will give you the ultimate brunch-look and effortless cool-girl makes minimal effort with maximum results