27th China Jeanswest Cup Casual Wear Design Competition

On August 19th, the 27th China Jeanswest Cup Casual Wear Design Competition was successfully held at the Guangzhou Liuhua Exhibition and Trade Center. As an important part of “2018 Guangdong Fashion Week-Autumn”, this competition produced 20 sets of creative new designs and successfully advanced to the finals in Beijing at the end of October.

The 27th China Jeanswest Cup Casual Wear Design Competition was jointly organized by China Fashion Designers Association, China Garment Association and Jeanswest International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and co-organized by China Textile and Apparel Education Association and Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association. The theme of this year’s competition design, “Fun Sharing”, is intended to convey the current generation of young people in a new era of sharing, and will also be accompanied by unlimited creativity and interesting things. One plus one is no longer equal to two. The organizers hope that young people can create new things together and rejuvenate!

The new generation of designers around the theme of “fun sharing” contest, combined with life experience and artistic understanding, to play their own design talents, deconstruct the theme from a variety of perspectives, not only from the fashion and artistic grasp, but also the complete fun life and the public The innovative thinking of casual wear is integrated and presents a wonderful design masterpiece.

The China Jeanswest Cup Casual Wear Design Competition has been successfully held for 26 sessions since its inception in 1993. After years of development, the competition has become a clothing competition that is highly respected by the clothing industry, teachers and students of various universities and the public. It is also a clothing design competition that is highly regarded and competitive in similar competitions in China. Since the launch of the contest at the end of March, it has received enthusiastic response from many excellent design freshmen at home and abroad in the form of online registration. The organizing committee has received more than 5,000 submissions from more than 160 colleges and universities across the country and overseas. These designs combine the unique insights of the younger generation with fashion, and they use their work to show their youthful dreams while also finding fun and sharing ideas through their work.

Designer returns

On August 19th, under the leadership of the “Four Teams” team leader, the 71 contestants who entered the divisional competition will fight in Guangzhou, compete on the same stage, and set off for the dream and fight for honor. Young designers use their own unique design concepts to interpret the “fun sharing” of different styles. From the Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts doctoral tutor Li Dangqiu, Jinding Awards designer Qi Gang, Wang Yutao, cross-straits senior designer He Jianhua, new designer Fan Ran, Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association Chairman Yang Qibin and other seven fashion designers and The “Gold Jury” formed by the fashion industry is closely selected and closely selected, and finally the precious design finals will be sent to 20 new designers.


2018 Jeanswest Autumn and Winter Children’s Wear and Family Pack

On the same day, the 27th Session of the Jeanswest Cup Division was in full swing, and the atmosphere was tense and orderly. The audience reviewed the wonderful moments since the opening of the 27th Jeanswest Cup, from the glory of sailing, college roadshows, initial evaluation, to the intense and fierce divisional competition on the 19th, just a few minutes of video sharing Jeanswest The cup “fun sharing” has come a long way, and I feel the persistence of young designers. The contestants made the design draft into garments, and displayed the works in a comprehensive manner through the model show, and all kinds of new designs made their turn to stage, which brought a youthful visual feast to the audience. In addition, on the day of the competition, the 2018 Jeanswest fall winter children’s wear and parent-child wear series were unveiled for the first time. The handsome and lively boy, the sweet and lovely girl, the loved ones look warm and loving, and the scene instantly became warm and inviting. Among them, in order to match the release of Disney’s “Invincible Destruction King 2: Internet” movie in November, Jeanswest also launched the movie’s IP adult and parent-child series. The audience is sneak peek at the fashion show.

Attached to the list of winners:

Northern Division:

First Prize Guan Xueqing, “The Hollow Man”

Second prize, Yu Xin, “say no”

Third Prize Wu Zongzong “made in 92”

Excellence Award Sun Jiayi “Adventurer Berserker”

Excellent Award Deng Xuan “power sharing”

Western Division:

First Prize Zhang Qihou “Gray Zone”

Second Prize Li Man “Green Fun”

Third Prize, He Xiangbo, “Old House”

Excellence Awards Zhang Yulin & Luo Chunfeng “Sunshine Girl”

Excellence Award Sun Siyu & Wang Xing G “Information Age”

Southern Division:

First prize Yang Ting Le “TAKE AWAY”

Second prize Hu Zhentao “some dreams we stick together”

Third Prize, Zeng Zijun, “FIGHTING LADIES CLUB”

Excellent Award Bi Jingwen & Qu Shuting “Love Mountain City”

Excellent Award Yang Yuzhen, “Girls Monologue”

Eastern Division:

First Prize Huang Ziqin & Gu Jiaojiao “Carnival Carnival”

Second Prize Zhang Zihan “Cargo-Cult”

Third Prize Zongyuan “Mushroom Man”

Excellent Award Ma Runhan & Li Xiao’s “Light Year”

Excellence Award Liu Xinyu, “Package and Life”