15 Fall Leather Jackets Under $1,500

Fall Shopping15 Fall Leather Jackets Under $1,500

Here's the thing about leather jackets: They ain't cheap. And when they are, they're usually made of plastic and (don't kid yourself) that never looks as good as the real thing. (If you don't wear leather for ethical reasons, try coated denim or waxed canvas instead.) The bright side is that, while there are some very tempting leather jackets on shelves for two or three-thousand and up, there are just as many options that hover right around a $1,000. That's not chump change, to be sure, but if you want a 100% genuine leather jacket, it's what you need to be prepared to invest. With any luck, you'll wear it for several years and really get your money's worth and you won't feel guilty for justifying the expense. Here, a look at some of fall 2016's best leather jackets right in that somewhat-doable range.

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