12 Migrants Drown off Turkish Coast, 2 Still Missing

Sad news engulfed the world with the announcement of 12 imigrants who got drowned in the while rowing to the Greek island of Kos. At least 12 migrants, including five children, drowned off the Turkish coast Wednesday when two boats carrying them to the Greek island of Kos capsized, Turkish officials said. The tides washed up the body of one small boy on the beach, leaving witnesses in tears.

syrianAuthorities recovered 12 bodies and were still searching for two migrants missing after the boats sank in separate incidents off the Turkish Aegean coastal resort of Bodrum, the governor’s office for Izmir province said. One migrant rescued from the sea later died in the hospital, the governor’s office said.

The route between Bodrum and Kos, just a few miles, is one of the shortest from Turkey to the Greek islands but remains dangerous. Hundreds of migrants a day attempt the perilous sea crossing despite the risks.

Previous incident recorded a small boat overloaded with 17 people which sank in international waters after leaving Bodrum, the private Dogan news agency said. Eight of the migrants including two children drowned, seven were rescued by the coast guard and two others were reported missing.

Hours later, a rubber boat carrying six Syrians from the town of Kobani sank shortly after leaving Bodrum, Dogan said. Four migrants — a woman and three children — drowned in that incident, it said. Employees of an aquatics sports center discovered their bodies washed up on shore and notified authorities.

As reported by CNN:

A trip tried several times

Abdullah Kurdi says he boarded a small fiberglass boat in Turkey with 12 people on board. The vessel was manned by two smugglers, a Turk and a Syrian, he said. It was very crowded.

“I told him, ‘Should we empty the boat? Should I get off with my wife and child?'”

One of the smugglers replied, “‘No, no, it is good,'” Abdullah recounted.

Large waves began crashing against the boat soon after the refugees set out.

Kurdi again raised his concern but the smuggler insisted, “It is guaranteed. Guaranteed.”

Shortly afterward, the smuggler jumped overboard and swam toward shore as the waves pounded harder and higher.

Kurdi tried to take control of the boat but it capsized in the rough waters.

“I tried to reach for my wife and children,” he said. “I was in the water for 20 minutes. One person after another was dying.”

Turkish rescue teams were able to save some people aboard the boats, Turkey’s governor’s office said. Two men and a child who were traveling in the group are missing.

Originally from Syria’s capital, Damascus, Abdullah said he was trying to get to Sweden by way of Greece.

“I don’t want anything from anyone anymore,” he said. “I will sit by my wife and children and read them Quran until I die, God willing.”

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