10 Stylish Umbrellas That Will Make You Glad It’s Pouring Outside

What to Wear10 Stylish Umbrellas That Will Make You Glad It's Pouring Outside

Umbrellas fall into the same category as sunglasses, keys, and (soon enough) EarPods: they're all notorious for getting lost. That's the reason most guys settle for a not-so-great piece of nylon with a cheap plastic handle—they're not expecting it to be around for the long haul. But we don't agree with that logic. We're of the opinion that a decent, well-crafted umbrella is the type of investment that you won't soon forget about in a bar. Like your trusty grown man backpack it's the type of finishing touch you'll always have your eye on because you actually care about it. So what if, instead of groaning every time your one-click umbrella starts to break in a downpour, you actually looked forward to rain as an opportunity to flex your inclement weather know-how? The best part is you don't have to spend a small fortune on one—but you can if you'd like/have enough commas in your bank account. Here are ten in a range of prices all good-looking enough to upstage your best suit.

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