•Video: Switzerland $3.5mil Grant Will Send Young Ghanaian Designers To Rome’s AltaRoma Show.NOW GHANA TAKES THE LEAD WITHIN THE ECOWAS REGION.STORY BY www.fashionghana.com

Simonetta Speaks to FAT Ghana

Simonetta Gianfelici Speaks to FAT Ghana

FATGhana, which stands for Fashion Amalgamated Talent Ghana, is sending young designers to the AltaRoma fashion show based in Rome for 2013 July. The show will also feature known designers such as Stella Jean, San Andres and Suzanne Susceptible. The designers involved are upcoming and young designers, some of which we have only just heard off. See the video and continue reading below.

FAT is an association driven by young designers, working through a Product Development Centre under the supervision of an accomplished fashion designer (Mr. Kofi Ansah), designated as International Trade Centre/ITC’s Creative Director for Ghana in order to lead collaborative product development, and facilitate inter mediation with international and regional buyers, and provide an industry focal point for coordinating ITC support. As stated by the group

Not long ago you might have read on fashionGHANA.com the article ‘Breaking News: Switzerland Grants $3.5mil to Ghana’s Fashion Industry’, well this seems to be one amazing initiative of where this money is going to.

Simonetta, Student of FAT Ghana & Kofi Ansah

Simonetta Gianfelici, Student of FAT Ghana & Kofi Ansah

We wish the designers good luck on their journey, but moreover, it would be good to trail the success of the designers to see if there are any long term benefits due to a large some of money going into foreign shows. At least my curiosity of what happened to this money, or some of the money, is answered with compliments. We hope there are other initiatives that hold benefits for Ghana on a more general and institutionalized manner as to where designer platforms are concerned.

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