Donald Trump Is the Only One Who Doesn’t Know He Lost the Debate

PoliticsDonald Trump Is the Only One Who Doesn't Know He Lost the Debate

Oh the delusional buffoon.

So the first Presidential debate has come and gone and I don't think I have enough anxiety medication to get through two more of these things. But the good news is after round one, the results are in and Hillary Clinton worked Donald Trump like she was Michael B. Jordan in Creed and he was an old speed bag. Almost every place you looked, seemed to come to this very obvious consensus. From CNN:

To Public Policy Polling:

To Frank Luntz's focus group:

To you know, your own eyeballs because he looked and acted like a maniac, who openly lied about positions he's held even though there are easily searchable tweets that will lay out exactly what he thinks and has thought. You know, things like saying that global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese:

So yeah, Hillary Clinton absolutely torched him. But after the debate Donald Trump seemed to, as Hillary said, "live in his own reality."

So, okay. An inevitable nuclear war seems to have been staved off for one night. But of course, in 2012 Mitt Romney beat the crap out of Barack Obama in their first debate, so maybe we should not sit on our laurels just yet. The racist demagogue still must be stopped.

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